#newin: Nike Air Huarache

@FOOTSHOP (similar)

@FOOTSHOP (similar)

Hello! And welcome to my relaunched blog! I haven't written anything since march and I have some reasons, but I can't be bothered with that right now. Let's focus on my new babies NIKE AIR HUARACHES. To be fair it was NOT a love at first sight, honestly, I hated them so much! But then, back at my brain, something changed and I fell in love with them and I needed them! Those one are not the cheapiest, but I managed to get them in sale! 
Do you remember the last post I put on my blog? It was #newin about my faves at the time NEW BALANCE 373. In this article I said that they are the comfiest shoes EVER. Well, not anymore! These Huaraches beated them with no doubt! I 100% reccomend you them.

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